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Flagpole Meadow

This is a tent site only. Vehicles are not allowed on Flagpole Meadow. Guests park vehicles in the main parking lot and walk in to Flagpole Meadow. Conveniently located near the parking lot, Main Lodge, water source, and toilets, this large site is perfect for group camping. While guests do have easy access to their vehicles in the parking lot while camping in Flagpole Meadow, there is no campfire ring built into this site. Guests can add a portable fire pit to their reservation, or many enjoy adding Osage Camp as an additional site for campfire access while their tents are in Flagpole Meadow. Osage Camp is right next door down a small path, and has a campfire ring and bench seating available. Other adjacent sites are Thelan Meadow and Cedar Lodge. There is a wooden wheelchair ramp that leads to Flagpole Meadow from the parking lot. Be sure to say hello to our favorite resident turtle who likes to warm up in the sun on the ramp down to Flagpole Meadow!


  • Pet-Friendly


per night

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