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Our Campsites

Conservation and Preservation. We are committed to making this a place of inclusivity and sustainability. Feel the magic. Leave no trace. 

Thelan Meadow

Thelan Meadow is a beautiful open camping area a short distance from the main parking lot, Lodge, water source, and toilets. Guests will park in the lot and walk to their campsite. Cars cannot be driven to this site. This site has a large open space for multiple tents, and a built-in campfire ring with benches surrounding it. Your short walk from the parking lot takes you down a wooden wheelchair accessible ramp that leads to a mulch path past Flagpole Meadow, before walking through a tunnel of trees to arrive at Thelan Meadow.


Council Ring

This is a walk-in site. Guests park vehicles in the main lot near the lodge. The Council Ring campsite is a primitive backpacker or hike-in campsite. Completely on the other side of camp than most of the rest of the sites, the Council Ring campsite has a large built-in fire ring in a field perfect for star gazing.


Arrow Hill

Arrow Hill is a large family campsite conveniently located near toilets, the Lodge, and the camp water source. It is wheelchair ramp accessible and there is room for up to 8 tents or a combination of tents and vehicles. Vehicles can be parked at this site on the hill, and in the camp parking lot. This shady convenient spot is our most popular campsite and is perfect for a single tent, multiple tents, and truck/van campers. 

Arrow Hill_022A7456resized.jpg

The Little Cabin

The Little Cabin is nestled in the trees on Arrow Hill; a small screened cabin that can be used for rain shelter, cooking prep, crafts, etc. This cabin has no beds or amenities but does provide an easy shelter on Arrow Hill for tent campers. Wifi may be accessible from site, but has the best connection closer to the Lodge.


Osage Camp

This is a non-tent site with campfire area available to book for all guests, group gatherings and RV campers. This is a beautiful area close to the lodge and parking area. Nestled into the woods near a creek, benches surround the campfire ring. Osage Camp is a great add on to any tent, lodge, or RV booking. 


Hobbit Camp

This site is a walk-in site. Guests park vehicles in the main lot near the lodge. Hobbit Camp is named for the hollow tree that lived for decades near this site, and was rumored to have a hobbit living there. Generations of families and children have enjoyed this campsite. The Hobbit Tree has fallen but the campsite remains a favorite for Takimina guests. This is a large campsite near a creek with a fire ring and benches. Plenty of room for multiple tents at this site!


Flag Pole Meadow

This is a tent site site only. Vehicles are not allowed on Flag Pole Meadow. Guests park vehicles in the main parking lot and walk in to Flag Pole Meadow. Conveniently located near the parking lot, Lodge, water source, and toilets, this large site is perfect for group camping. While guests do have easy access to their vehicles in the parking lot while camping in Flag Pole Meadow, there is no campfire ring built in to this site. Guests can add a portable fire pit to their reservation, or many enjoy adding Osage Camp as an additional site for campfire access while their tents are in Flagpole Meadow.


Tall Sky

This is a primitive hike-in site. Guests park vehicles in the main lot near the lodge. Tall Sky Campsite is the furthest site from the main parking lot and Lodge. This is a rustic and secluded Backpacking campsite deep in the woods that provides beautiful scenery along the way. A fire ring is built at the site and there is space to pitch a tent. Perfect for backpackers and survival types, enjoy the seclusion of really getting away, here at the Tall Sky Campsite!


Cedar Lodge

Cedar Lodge is named for the Cedars that surround and shelter this campsite. The benches and stumps in this area make perfect seating areas, pets, and climbing fun for kids. There is a campfire ring and space for at least 5 tents.

Cedar Lodge_022A7139resized.jpg

Skull Rock

This site is a walk-in site. Guests park vehicles in the main lot near the lodge. Skull Rock is one of the favorite primitive hike-in campsites available at Camp Takimina. A 5 to 10 minute hike from the parking lot takes you past Thelan Meadow and Hobbit Camp, across 'Slippery Rock' and a creek, to find Skull Rock campsite, named for a rock that was shaped like a skull.


The Main Lodge

The Lodge was built in the late 60s and is a great option for large groups, events, and inclement weather camping. A beautiful massive stone fireplace and hearth fills the length of one wall and is perfect for campfire cooking, s'mores, and general ambiance. The main floor is wheelchair accessible and offers a large

L-shaped countertop in the kitchen area, multiple refrigerators, and a microwave. This primitive lodge has electricity for lights and wall outlets, but no running water, AC or heat. The large windows and shaded area keep the lodge comfortable in most non-winter weather.


Whole Camp Rentals

Guests can reserve the entire campground for a private event or group campout! With a Whole Camp reservation, you have access to the Main Lodge, water, limited electricity and all of the beautiful campsites and trails we have to offer here at Camp Takimina! To reserve all of Camp Takimina for your event or campout, please email to inquire about details.


Primitive  RV Site

There are two RV spots in the main gravel parking lot of the campground that can be used for trailers or campers up to 26'. No electricity or water hookups, but perfect for self-contained campers, tent trailers, or truck/van camper vehicles. No dump station is available at this campground. Guests can add a fire pit and/or a propane grill to their RV site reservation. Popular additions include also booking the Arrow Hill campsite right next door which gives guests access to a campfire ring, picnic table, and charcoal grill. 

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